Light up your life with safety
Use circuit breakers and earth leakage switches as safety devices

Light up your life with safety

Electrical panels for safe, reliable power supply.

Good lighting ensures a safe environment.

Connected sockets and switches for greater convenience.

New materials used to design printed circuit boards (PCBs) enable the creation of higher-performance circuits. These innovative materials enhance the durability of your electronic devices.

PCB manufacturing process

The manufacture of a printed circuit board, also known as a PCB, begins with the design of the electrical schematic and ends with rigorous testing.

For more information, ICAPE Group offers a wealth of information on this manufacturing process. Every step in the manufacturing process is important to ensure product quality.

PCB manufacturing process 1

PCB manufacturing process 2

PCB manufacturing process 3

PCB manufacturing process 4

Intelligent management systems monitor and control energy consumption in real time. These devices reduce costs, environmental impact and improve your power management.

Wireless chargers for electronic devices

Wireless chargers represent a major technological advance, offering unprecedented convenience and flexibility. Based on magnetic induction technology, they allow you to recharge the batteries of your devices without the hassle of cables.

Integrated USB sockets for added convenience

Integrated USB sockets have become a fixture in modern homes and offices, offering a convenient solution for recharging a multitude of electronic devices. Unlike traditional sockets, these plugs feature directly integrated USB ports, eliminating the need for bulky adapters and making it easier to connect charging cables.

Intelligent thermostats for optimum management

Smart thermostats feature advanced sensors for automatic temperature control. Thanks to their learning capabilities, they can analyze your lifestyle habits and adjust settings accordingly.

Whether you own a single-family home or a block of flats, it’s your responsibility to ensure the safety of your electrical installations. Upgrading to electrical standards is a legal obligation that guarantees the safety of occupants. By complying with current standards, you can protect them from unpleasant surprises.